Three reasons why refixing or restructuring your debt is worth the paperwork.

1.       De-risk your business

The lower your business risk, the better chance your business has of both survival and growth. Debt is cheaper now than it has been in quite some time, so taking the opportunity to review where your money is going and considering more cost effective and flexible ways to manage your debt will put you in a stronger position for success in 2020.


2.       Improve cash flow and boost growth

It’s a no brainer that spending less on interest means you’ll have a healthier bank balance, and having more money in the bank allows you to say ‘yes’ to more opportunities that come your way. Provided you invest your ‘spare’ cash on initiatives with a strong return on investment, you can expect to generate growth.  You can also look to lengthen the term on debt, reducing the monthly commitment but ideally also having the flexibility to pay extra as you want. Wouldn’t it be great to kick-start 2020 with some marketing initiatives to promote your business and its point of difference? If you’re looking for a safe way to invest, check out our tried and tested GROW partners.


3.       Give yourself some breathing space

Because it’s not just all about money. Running a business is stressful and the financial investment we make in our companies can weigh heavily on our shoulders. Discovering a more cost-efficient way to maintain the status quo can lighten the load and can come as a relief at the end of a long year. We mustn’t forget the importance of mental wellbeing for our health and the health of our businesses. So, even if it’s just to provide a small sigh of relief, you could consider refixing your debt and giving yourself a bit more wriggle room.


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