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Are you looking to accelerate your business with eCommerce?


Or perhaps you are already trying and not getting the traction you want?


Or you are having some success and you now want to take your performance to the next level.

We find many of us underestimate

the complexity of eCommerce,

from setting up, to the technical

sides such as tracking, remarketing

& analytics through to customer

journeys and identifying the

most attractive segments.


Consumers, locally, nationally and

globally are embracing eCommerce

for many reasons, and the growth

is phenomenal – a fast growing pie

that is well worth chasing a piece of.

What is critical is having your eCommerce strategy right, this will

not only help you optimise your profits, but also more than likely

save you a lot of time, wasted money and wasted time.

eCommerce is currently booming in New Zealand!


New Zealand has hit a record with $2.2 billion online sales in Q1 2022!!

ecommerce data New Zealand

Lack of clarity of the precise profit goal which hampers effective decision making.

Underestimating the technical side of eCommerce especially all of the tracking set up required to optimize – get this wrong at the start and it will cost a lot of profit & drive poor decision making.

Not understanding the two most important profit levers – Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

ecommerce strategy

Assist Business Owners with clearly defining business objectives & build a strategic eCommerce plan to achieve these objectives.

Ensure business owners have access to the know-how & capabilities to leverage opportunities with available technologies & eCommerce marketing channels to achieve their business objectives.

Develop strategies to diversify revenue streams from different channels, and implement Customer Data as a Strategic Asset for sustainable revenue generation.

ecommerce business

The development of a clear direction, positioning & strategy to assist business optimisation with eCommerce execution.

The ability to utilise critical metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) , and eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation (eCRC) for effective decision making.

Develop knowledge of available marketing channels and technologies to optimise Return on Investment (CLV/CAC=ROI) for eCommerce.

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