Marketing Support

Grow NZ Business is offering members affordable, quality marketing expertise through our Marketing Intern Programme.


Subsidised Support

The New Zealand Government, via the Regional Partner Network, provides up to 50 % subsidisation for New Zealand Business Owners to obtain support to develop business capabilities aligned to achieving their business goals.

Microsoft Advertising

Want to be a step ahead of your competition? Want to attract a wider audience to your business? As Microsoft Advertising’s Bing Ads Award Winning Partner, Grow NZ Business can help!

B2B Marketing

We help B2B businesses reach thousands of kiwi businesses via our membership base, social channels, groups we are members of and our partners.

Marketing Strategy

Grow NZ Business is a registered service provider and can assist with accessing the funding and with developing your marketing strategy for your business.

Building a marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of your business, competitors, customers, and market, and we can help you with this marketing strategy development.

eCommerce Strategy

This service will assist Business Owners to develop capability with eCommerce strategy & strategic execution for profitable growth.

Business owners will develop knowledge of critical metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition Cost, and eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation. Customer Data as a Strategic Asset is the core of this service to enable effective decision-making.

Marketing Strategy Course

Grow NZ Business is offering a comprehensive professional marketing strategy course where you will learn the tried and tested marketing strategies that Grow NZ Business has implemented with over 200 New Zealand Business Owners.

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