What will COVID-19 mean for your business?

For most of us, the answer to this question is not yet fully clear, but it’s safe to assume none of us will be unscathed. Whether it’s having to tighten the belt, deal with a downturn in trade or invest in intensified hygiene measures, there will be financial and no doubt emotional repercussions for us all.

In the same way, the Government’s recent announcements regarding COVID-19 and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s decision to cut the Official Cash Rate (OCR) will affect New Zealanders in different ways. Much depends on your industry, your cash flow and your appetite for risk. I recommend familiarising yourself with how the Government is supporting businesses. You can also read more details about the just-announced economic response package.

Navigate COVID-19 With Us

To help you understand what is necessary to keep your business and yourself in the best shape possible, we are hosting free webinars to share advice, tips and tools for braving the current economic situation.

I’ve worked with many companies to keep things running smoothly through the most extreme events, including earthquakes, floods, the Global Financial Crisis and September 11. Through these webinars, I will share with you personal tips, as well as proven strategies and partners who may help you both survive this current cycle and thrive well into the future.

Feel free to share the webinar invitation with non-members too. The more businesses we can help flourish, the better for our economy.