As we continue to gather and act on feedback from kiwi businesses around the country, we’ve discovered a common barrier to getting those marketing programmes off the ground. Money. 

Well, we are about to take that concern right off the table. 

We’re here this week with the launch of something special. Find out how our latest venture can have you marketing your business like a pro at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. What’s more, you’ll be helping up-and-coming Kiwi talent to gain valuable experience under the expert guidance of the Grow NZ Business team.

And while you’re busy managing the health of your bottom line, we’re happy to introduce you to a Grow NZ member who can help you take the stress out of managing the health of your most important asset – your people.  Find out more below about how Grow NZ worked with Nutrition & Life to open up new revenue streams by walking in their customers’ shoes.

It’s exactly one month ’til Christmas folks, why not spoil your business with a little growth-driving stocking filler…

Introducing our Marketing Interns Programme

Grow NZ Business is offering members affordable, quality marketing expertise through our Marketing Intern Programme.

Using our hand-picked, professional marketing interns, you can get the support you need for your business and brand at a fraction of the standard market rate.

Our Auckland University marketing interns are trained in-house and supervised by Grow NZ to ensure your business benefits from the very latest in marketing expertise and flair from up-and-coming kiwi talent.

Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc marketing support with content creation, creative writing, social media posting, graphic design or SEO marketing, or need an extra pair of hands in your marketing department for a term or two,  Grow NZ’s trainees leverage world-class technology and Grow’s extensive partner network to deliver on your marketing requirements.

We have been testing this concept for just over a year now and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive when it comes to quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Take advantage of our cost-effective marketing support and feel great knowing you’re giving future marketing professionals a chance to display and grow their skills in the process.  Talk about a positive return on marketing investment – this is an opportunity not to be missed!

For more on our Marketing Intern Programme, visit our website. We currently have just 20 spots available, so definitely a case of first in, best dressed!

We love a happy Grow NZ member!

Nutrition & Life, a team of gut specialists and women’s health dieticians, signed up to Grow NZ’s marketing support programme during COVID-19 to help the business adapt to changing market demands. CEO, Josephine Greer shares her experience below.

At Nutrition & Life, we specialise in helping clients get their glow back through good nutrition. In today’s busy day and age, self-care can often be last on the list, but by working with us, our clients are supported to make lasting changes to their mindsets and routines that help them live their best lives.

In order to best support our clients to make sustainable changes, we needed help making our services more visible and accessible. Working with Grow NZ business and accessing the team’s technology, data analytics and market expertise inspired and facilitated us to start up successful virtual clinics all over New Zealand; you can get our in-clinic expertise in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The first thing Jamie did was work with us to understand our competitors and target segments. We “walked in the customer’s shoes” to understand their journeys, as well as their needs and aspirations. This helped us to identify that we needed a broader range of products and services to better target the needs of our various target segments. COVID-19 has made easy-to-access online products and services critical, and by opening up this channel, we have created scale to reduce our fixed costs as a percentage of revenue – increasing margin whilst also enabling more affordable access to our services.

We then designed the strategy for our new online brand, That Gut Feeling, an online programme that helps balance the gut microbiome of anyone with irritable bowel syndrome or long-term bloating issues – a critical service for the 15% of New Zealanders who suffers with these gut health ailments. Anyone can now get the results of our in-clinic programmes, valued at $1688, for just $149 in a 28-day online programme.

By helping us to understand the drivers of profit and the levers for optimising return on our marketing investment, Grow NZ helped us to get our voice out there to offer a simple solution that works long-term by treating the root cause of gut ailments, the gut microbiome.

This year has been a dramatic year for all of us, COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented and swift changes in market conditions that have reinforced the need to always stay close to market data and focus on the customer and customer journeys which, as we saw in lockdown, can change  quickly. 

Grow NZ has shown us how this, coupled with a solid understanding of profit drivers can open up exciting new opportunities for any business. Grow NZ is a terrific partner to work with.

If you, or someone you know, is among the 15% of kiwis who faces challenges with gut health, we would love to help you get started with a free 15-minute consultation.