Save hours of time and valuable dollars with WordStream! Turn up to 60% more site visitors into leads, improve your Facebook ads, and optimise your Google Ads campaigns using their world-class software – and it’s proven to reduce your costs by 10%.


Simplify your marketing campaigns and automate your customer engagement to bring more freedom into your business. Let Ontraport generate marketing reports for you in seconds so you can make better informed decisions about your business.


Sign up to save money on your energy bills by increasing your bargaining power. You could save more than 20% on your power bill by using Saveawatt’s services.
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Grow Digital Marketing

Take the complexity out of growing your business. Grow Digital Marketing understands the rapid changes in customer behaviour and will help you engage the customers you want, freeing you up to do what you do best, run your business. Book your free consultation today!

NeXtep Easy

Fed-up with shrinking profits and increasing costs? Tired of feeling lost, frustrated, stressed and out of control? Change the future of your business today with neXtep easy. An online tool giving you automated business growth advice that’s easy to implement and delivers massive profit in your business! Transform your business and your life from losses and struggle to profitability and control in only an hour per week.


In small business, cashflow is king and time is money. Boost your cashflow and let someone else handle those uncomfortable phone calls by engaging credit management experts to look after your overdue invoices. No collection, no charge!


Maximise your profitability with first class analysis and recommendations. You don’t need to be an accounting whiz to transform your accounting reports into a specific, customised, profit-increasing action. Learn how to execute this goal with an action plan you can easily follow to gain control of your business and see it grow.


Every business has different needs, especially when it comes to technology. Get business technology and IT solutions from experts who will deliver on time and on budget. They’ll help your streamline your business processes to save you time and money.

Virtual Innovation

Confidence and trust are key for successful engagement and sales online! Give potential customers a way to increase their confidence in your business through animation and website solutions – they’ll keep your customers engaged too.


All-in-one Multi Award Winning Marketing Toolkit for Business.
Brilliant analytics, data that takes the guess work out of decision making.
Simplify your marketing routine and grow your business.
Understand the size of market online, locally and nationally.
Manage social media and reputation online.
Track your competitors, see their ads.
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Luma Analytics

You have grown your business and are now operating with scale- and all the data you have might seem overwhelming. Get world-class solutions from the analytics experts at Luma. You’ll be able to strategically solve problems as they arise with real-time data and save money as you increase efficiency within your business.

Beans & Rice

Having trouble getting your brand to reflect who you really are as a business? Get the creative experts in to strategize and craft your branding into something customers will connect with. With attractive branding, customers will come to you first.

PMC Creative

Emotion sells better than logic, but nothing sells better than a good story. Use photography and video to share your story and capture the attention of potential customers. You’ll strengthen your brand and increase revenue at the same time!

Just SEO

You’ve set up a website and a Facebook page, so what’s next? SEO expert Ted Liu will make your business found easily online through trusted SEO strategies, leading to easier engagement with potential customers – and more profit!

Marketing Minds

Let these marketing specialists take your business and transform it into a market-leading customer magnet. Give yourself a competitive advantage by accessing their clever marketing solutions and information about industry trends.

AML Consulting

If you’re a lawyer, real estate agent or own a business that sells high value goods, you will probably need to make changes within your business to comply with the anti-money laundering act. Let CESL guide you through the process so that you can have peace of mind that your business is in line with NZ law.

Business Consulting

Sometimes you will need some outside advice to strengthen your business. It can be hard to know where to find the right solutions with all the information out there. Let Grow NZ Business use their knowledge of the business consulting world to find the people who can provide the solutions you need, saving you time and money. Email us for more information.


If you’re in the business of selling online courses, coaching or digital products then Zaxaa is for you. You’ll see your cashflow grow as you streamline your sales and delivery process, plus it gives you the ability to set up email and membership sites to stay on top of your customer base.

30 Second Explainer

Boost your conversion by up to 64% with these simple, highly effective videos. Grab the attention of your customers to lower your websites’ bounce rate and increase your sales and revenue.

Rakuten Marketing

Engage with your customers and increase revenue through the power of influence! Get connected with high-quality affiliates who will spread brand awareness and do the hard work for you. You’ll gain access to new customers and encourage repeat purchasers.


Take secure payments quickly & easily with Bambora.

Bambora’s online payment solutions will kick-start your business revolution. Customer-focused, common sense solutions make taking payments easy, so you can focus on running your business with no monthly account fees.

All About Promo

Put a logo on it! Get your logo put on everything, from pens to power banks and everything in between. This New Zealand brand aims to ethically source sustainable products for your promotional material so you can feel good about your choice. Order instantly online or contact for a customised order!

Simply Book Me

Are you a service business that needs a streamlined way to accept bookings, process payments and follow up with customers? Simply Book Me is here to make your life easier! Your clients will be able to book you from anywhere, even via Facebook. More convenience means more clients – and more revenue!
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Turn your phone calls into sales with Avansar. Use their call tracking and call analytics to discover your most profitable marketing channels and get that all-important “click to connect” button on your webpage, so customers can seamlessly contact you when they’re interested!

Russell Legal

Stay on top of complicated legal issues by enlisting a senior commercial lawyer. Russell Legal will give you cost effective legal solutions for whatever issues you need to resolve. Their services have been used by Air New Zealand and Visa, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands!


Regardless of the nature of your business, there will always be unexpected tasks that pop. No task is too big or too small for Fiverr – they have thousands of professionals waiting to provide you with whatever freelance work you need done, from as little as $5! From logo design to music production, Fiverr is your one-stop-shop for getting jobs done.

Finance New Zealand

Organise all your finance needs in one place with Finance New Zealand. Whether you need finance for your assets, property, or business, Finance New Zealand has what you need. Check out their fantastic range of insurance, leasing, & funding solutions to suit every business, and get your finance sorted today.”


Woodland is one of New Zealand’s leading interior fitout companies. Winner of many industry awards, Woodland build retail, hospitality and office spaces enabling cleints to create exceptional customer experiences, best showcase their products and maximise their sales. Craftsmanship through Collaboration, Knowledge and Innovation is the ethos of Woodland- click here to find out more.

Staff Development and HR


Your people are your most important asset. To help develop your team, Udemy has tons of online courses that an be tailored precisely to the development needs of each of your people. Click here to match the right course to development needs of your team.


MyHR is the new way to experience HR. Uniquely combining easy-to-use HR software with expert HR consultancy to make getting the best from your people simple and cost effective. MyHR is your complete HR function, covering all aspects of the employment relationship including writing your employment agreements, managing difficult people, helping you recruit good people, running modern online performance reviews and giving advice on any employment matter.

All for a simple, low monthly fee with no lock-in contracts, no hidden costs and unlimited support.

If you currently provide product and/or services to Kiwi businesses and you like to discuss strategic partnership opportunities with Grow NZ business Limited, please email us at partner@grownzbusiness.co.nz

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