Weren’t we cute pre-2020 when we chatted about the skills shortage and the struggles NZ firms were having attracting skilled workers to our country?! There’s really nothing like a global pandemic to offer some perspective.

With NZ’s physical borders now shut to many skilled migrants, our skills shortage issues have escalated in many industries, not least the IT and digital space which have historically relied on immigration to fill gaps, as this recent NZ Herald article demonstrates. This reality, coupled with the fact that NZ’s unemployment levels have just dropped further, to 4.7%, means kiwi firms need to look for new ways to fill our skills gaps. For some, this may pose significant challenges, but for others it’s simply a case of employing a fresh approach.

If COVID-19 has taught the world anything, it’s that being physically present in an office is not necessarily a prerequisite to a job well done, and alternatives to costly overheads (such as wages) can be hugely helpful for mitigating risk.

It’s high time we revisited the virtues of outsourcing by taking a look at some of the innovative kiwi companies helping their fellow business owners to keep on keeping on.

Here’s why smart businesses outsource to fill their skills gaps…

You can grow your business safely

By outsourcing a task or a role to an individual or firm that specialises in exactly what you need, you can bet the job will be done better than it would be were you to hand the task to a generalist, or overwhelmed employee.  Outsourcing is also a low-risk approach for filling a gap in challenging, or uncertain, times like these. Get the skills you need, without the risk you don’t!

You can focus on what you’re good at

Outsourcing the tasks you don’t have the skills, or time, to manage not only removes some weight from your shoulders, it frees up your time to focus on what you do best – the stuff that makes your company unique and the reason you sacrificed that cushy 9-5 in the first place.

You can get the best person for the job

If you’re going to outsource, hire an individual or company (depending on the size and scope of the project) that focuses solely on the skill set you are lacking. Specialists like these can tell you what you need, not the other way around – so chances are you’ll learn something in the process. 

You can up-skill your staff

Another benefit of bringing in specialists on a contract basis is the up-skilling that can occur in your own full-time staff. When a project requires outsourced talent to work inside your team, your people can work alongside these experts and learn on the job. It could even pave the way for future growth opportunities for the talent you already have.

You can create agility within your structure

When employees are sick, or resign unexpectedly, the inconsistency that arises can hit a small business hard. Outsourcing in these situations is a great way to provide business continuity quickly and affordably.

You can skip the stress of redundancies

Outsourcing is fantastic for businesses with peak seasons, cyclical demands, or even just a desire to ‘test drive’ an opportunity. You can guarantee the talent and resource levels you need for those busy periods and say ‘thanks and goodbye’ when they’re over. No worrying about carrying the cost of an employee through the quieter months, or dealing with redundancies when circumstances change.

Check out these kiwi outsourcing specialists we partner with an trust


As we mentioned above, technology is one of the hardest-hit areas in NZ’s current skills shortage, but the team at kiwi IT specialist firm, OneHQ, has got you covered. Whether it’s IT systems, ways of working, data mining or cloud computing you need, OneHQ can get your business moving seamlessly with the right technology. The team takes a holistic approach to business and technology by taking the time to understand your business, and delivering solutions that are right for your future. 

Find out more about OneHQ support

Kinetic Innovative Staffing

The borders may be shut, but you can still access international expertise through our partner, Kinetic Innovative Staffing. Outsourcing work internationally to skilled, remote staff allows you to take advantage of time differences and significantly lower operational costs.  Kinetic has over 4 million candidates overseas that can do everything from admin, to web development, to finance.

Any role that does not require physical onsite presence, can be outsourced via Kinetic – it’s so good we use them ourselves!

Find out more about Kinetic Innovative Staffing

2B Connected

If you’re keen to keep your customer service local, Grant and Jemma from 2B Connected have built New Zealand’s fastest growing call centre to help your business secure more leads, boost revenue and grow to its next stage. Let 2B Connected take care of your lead generation and customer service with their flexible packages and solutions using its 100% local call centre.

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