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A Big Welcome to 2022!!

by | Jan 20, 2022 | PLANNING, WELLBEING | 0 comments

A big welcome to 2022!!I hope everyone had a well-deserved break over the Christmas period, enjoying the company of family & friends, while probably reflecting on what was an “interesting” year we all just completed .And a big warm welcome to the more than 400 new members who have joined us since the start of December, it is terrific to have you on board and we have one goal – to help you achieve your business aspirations!

Membership to Grow NZ Business requires an investment of less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week. For many of us, just one tip, tweak or new idea can result in exponential growth that takes our business to the next level & all that closer to achieving our aspirations, and our purpose is very much to provide the support and guidance to help you achieve this.

We have big plans for 2022, further developing the functionality of your Grow NZ member portal,  more weekly updates & tips via this format, at least another 10 eBooks, plus more webinars, new partners, new tools and some other top secret stuff we will reveal later on in the year.Given over 87% members state revenue growth and marketing are your top priorities, we will continue to focus content here, while always being open to your feedback & market conditions to ensure we meet your needs.We are going to dig into CLTV & CAC, perhaps two of the most important financial measures you need to understand to drive sustainable profit growth, a lot around one of our favourite topics “Walking in Your Customers Shoes”, guidance for the preparing for the “Cookieless” world, “Customer Data as a Strategic Asset” and so much more, all to help you achieve your business aspirations.Which brings me to a quick but very important point – we are also here to help you with meeting your legal requirements as a business owner, and there are many we need to be aware of. One I want to highlight is compliance with a piece of New Zealand legislation called “Privacy Act 2020”.

We recently completed an updated review and found over 73% of New Zealand businesses reviewed appear to be non-compliant, facing the risks of fines, reputational damage & other negative consequences.

If you have not done so already, please log into the members portal and download your complimentary eBook “Data Privacy Checklist” to help your business comply.While complying with NZ law is obviously very important, the good news regarding the Privacy Act 2020,is it is not that hard, and is actually good business practice. The very first thing you need to ensure your business website has a privacy statement, which many don’t – a very easy fix with the link we provide in the eBook.So to kick off the year with a little bit of inspiration, here is a recent speech by one of the true legends of the business world, Warren Buffet, and I love the simplicity of the key takeaways, which are:1/ Always be learning, gaining new skills & combine it with a determination to succeed. (And Grow NZ Business is certainly here to help with that!)2/ Delight your customers – relentless focus on the customer, customer experience & delighting customers (we call this the application of “walking in the customer’s shoes”)3/ Don’t worry about the things you can’t change – focus on the important thing(s) you can change.4/ You need a genuine desire day in, and day out, to delight the customer 😊