Not sure what to do next to grow your business in 2020?


Take a look at our list below…


  1. Have you thought about your big 2020 goal? Consider your dream future selling price and what you need to do to get there! For more info, read this and stay posted for a lot more tips and advice on how to maximise your sale price from us in 2020.


  1. Has your accountant explained tax pooling to you? This can save you money when it comes time to sort out your business tax. If not, sign up for a Grow NZ Business registered accountant for better advisory services!


  1. Schedule in your calendar with Rothbury 1 month before your insurance renewal date so you can sleep at night knowing they’ve got your back if the need arises.


  1. If you are spending more than $1500 on power and gas a month, you could be saving 25% on your energy bill! Click here to sign up for Saveawatt.


  1. Planning to grow in 2020 but not ready to hire extra staff yet? Engage KIStaffing to outsource work to overseas professionals, it’ll save you money and stress.


  1. Do you have staff development plans ready to help grow your people? Udemy offer budget-friendly courses on a range of topics, from digital marketing to HR or design.


  1. Ensure growth in 2020 by booking a free marketing consult with Grow Digital Marketing.


  1. Check how your Google ads and Facebook ads have performed this year so you can spend your advertising money more effectively.


  1. Starting to grow and need HR help? Or maybe new regulations are making you just a little nervous? Engage My HR for cost-effective human resources solutions.


  1. Most importantly, make some time for yourself. Why not book your holidays into your calendar now? We also encourage you to book in a minimum of 2 hours per week to work ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ the business. More on this from us in 2020 as well.


And finally, if you have any needs, questions or would like a specific topic discussed in the Grow blogs, please email and we will do our best to assist – that’s what we are here for!