Happy Wednesday folks, I hope this blog finds you strong and healthy, wherever in the world you may be reading this.


As you will all be aware, NZ has now had its first confirmed case of novel coronavirus and, like many other countries around the world, has launched a pandemic plan in an attempt to contain the spread. Obviously, everyone’s primary concern is and should be, the health of ourselves and our families. But there’s a weighty secondary concern for business owners too.


The impact of coronavirus is already being felt around the business world. From spooked financial markets, to travel bans and supply chain shutdowns,  business as usual is no longer possible for many. Those who have embraced agile working technologies will be feeling the benefits, but those with less flexibility in their business operations won’t be feeling so confident knowing companies around the world have already been forced into liquidation since the outbreak was discovered.


So, while we’re not yet joining the panicked queues at supermarkets around the country,  now feels like a good time to recap some of the learnings we shared with you last year about the importance of structural and financial discipline as well as risk mitigation to ensure the continued health of your business.

Read here for a refresher on how to grant your business some immunity against global crises.


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