No matter how coveted your website or the products and services on it, it’s not your customer’s job to hunt you down, it’s your job to pull them towards you.

For your own peace of mind, you can do a quick basic check on just how optimised for search your website is. Then go and check out your closest competitors too!


Give your Google ads a score as well. Grow NZ and Grow Digi partner with Wordstream to allow you to  sense check for yourself how your Google ads are performing. It takes just a minute or so and a detailed analysis is on its way to you.  Check out this example from a real kiwi business below:

 Click here for a free check on your own Google ads performance



If you want to grow your business, SEO is not optional. I repeat, optimised SEO is not optional. Just look at this screenshot below showing the difference in searchability one keyword in a title tag makes. Now imagine what happens when you do a complete SEO audit *insert brain explosion emoji*




I believe very strongly in the importance of quality digital marketing for SMEs. I also believe some digital agencies don’t know enough about business to really help Kiwi SME0 grow. I believe this so much, we developed our own marketing company, Grow Digital Marketing, or “Grow Digi” to mates.

Our team at Grow Digi help New Zealand businesses grow by using a profitable return-on-investment-focused approach to marketing. While we work with Meadow Fresh, Yoplait, Vogel’s, NZ Ski, Fonterra, FlexiRent and other well-known NZ brands, our core focus is helping small to medium-sized NZ businesses grow profitably.

We have over 250 clients here in NZ and this year we’re expanding our operations to offer the same profitable growth to even more Kiwi business owners. We’d love to help you too. You can start by taking advantage of our free website audit.



Let’s be honest, digital marketers are a dime a dozen these days (which is why it’s a crime if no one can find your website!), but Grow Digi specialists are more than marketers, we’re business people first. We understand the importance of cashflow, and we’re not hung up on Google ads or Facebook as a channel. In fact, we actually refuse incentives from these companies, which many of our competitors accept. What we are hung up on is where your profitable target customers are and how we can engage them.


We use global best practice technology, leveraging our worldwide network of experts including SEMrush, Wordstream, WordPress, Shopify and SellBrite. In fact, we have access to all of Grow NZ’s partners, that’s over 40 global partners we can utilise for our clients, specialising in everything from SEO, to advertising, to digital imaging, video and to copywriting. We handpick only the best for our clients.

If you ever need any additional marketing expertise, the team at Grow Digi is always here to help, either call us on 0800 672 123 or book a free consultation